Introduction to the Queue
  • 13 Sep 2023
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Introduction to the Queue

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Article Summary

The Queue


The Service Desk Queue is where Admins view and manage Service Records. The Queue interface displays a list of all Incident Service Records and their data in grid format (Queue Grid), and each Incident can be opened to view its full Service Record page.

Queue Docs

This document describes the Queue’s general anatomy and capabilities and how to use them to manage and prioritize Service Records, including:

Queue Layout

The Queue is composed of three sections:

  • Queue Header
  • Filter Bar 
  • Queue Grid

Queue Header

The Queue Header shows the:

  • Queue Views Navigation Bar
  • Count of Incident Results

Filter Bar

The Filter Bar displays all Filters currently active in the Queue, including Advanced Filters and Column Filters.

Advanced Filters

Advanced Filters are the main Queue Filters fixed to the Filters Bar.

You can use Advanced Filters to quickly filter the Queue by one or more of the following: 

  • Assignee(s)
  • Service Record Status or Status Class

Column Filters

The Column Filters are used to filter the Service Records by any column displayed in the Queue Grid. 

Each Column’s Filter droplist (in the Filter Bar) is determined by the Column’s Field Type.


Queue Grid

Queue Grid


The Queue Grid shows Service Record results according to the Filters being applied.

The default Queue Grid is determined by the Queue’s default View.

Admins also have the options to sort and filter the Queue Grid and add, remove, and reorder Columns.

Queue Views

Queue View


Queue Views are a set of configured Columns and Filters that Admins can add, remove, reorder, and sort for recurring use.

Queue Actions

Admins can perform numerous actions from the Queue:

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