• 20 Nov 2022
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    Article Summary

    The Marketplace displays all of the available third-party integrations and add-ons that you can use with SysAid. You can browse the products you want to integrate your SysAid environment with, and add them to your My Apps page where you can configure and enable the integration.


    Get Add-On

    To get an add-on to appear in the My Apps page with the option to enable it in your environment, Select the add-on you want and, if the add-on is free, click Get It in the add-on's page.


    The My Apps page reloads with the add-on available.


    Available Add-Ons

    Click the links below to access help for the available Add-Ons. Currently all third-party integrations are only available in SysAid ITSM edition.

    What's Next