Dell Asset Warranty
    • 10 Mar 2024
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    Dell Asset Warranty

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    Sync your Dell Business Account (and registered Dell-manufactured Assets) with all Asset Information listed in your organization’s Asset List — directly in SysAid.


    • SysAid Full Edition

    • Dell Technologies Business TechDirect Account

    Track all Asset Warranty information directly in SysAid, so you can manage it efficiently and reduce the risk of human error.
    This document lists the steps required to obtain an API Key for your Dell Warranty, so that you can activate SysAid’s Asset Warranty Integration.

    To obtain an API Key for your Dell Warranty, follow these steps:

    Step 1: Sign in to your Dell Technologies Business TechDirect Account

    Step 2: Go to Services > Get support and replace parts > APIs

    Step 3: Click on Request API Key > Request

    Step 4: Assign a primary contact for the New API Key

    This section confirms the Contact Information (email address) of your New API project’s “Key Owner”.

    If the primary contact for this Project’s API should be under an email address that differs from your account’s default email address, select “Other” and enter the relevant credentials.

    Step 5: Enter Project Information

    This section identifies which Project your API Key Request is for.

    • Select “Warranty” from the dropdown menu

    • Choose a name for your Project/Application

    Step 6: Fill in your Project’s Environment & Usage Details

    This section obtains information on the Dell Technologies client products in your environment.

    Client Environment

    1. Select whether or not your environment currently includes Dell Technologies Client products (Yes/No)

    2. List the quantity of each Equipment Type you currently have in your environment. (Add a new row for each Equipment Type)

    3. Select (multi-select) each geographical region where your organization has systems deployed

    Enterprise Environment

    1. Select whether or not your environment currently includes enterprise products (Yes/No)


    1. Select your estimate of API call volume per day from the dropdown menu

    Step 7: Enter your Customer Information

    This section obtains information on how your organization and/or customers will use the API.

    1. Select whether or not your account has an assigned Dell Technologies Service Account Manager (SAM) (Yes/No)

    2. Describe your organization’s industry/business category

    3. Select whether your API will be used internally within your company or by your customers (or both)

    4. Select whether end users will be charged for using the application

    Step 8: Request Process Completed

    This page is where you can review and manage your complete list of Dell Account’s API Keys.

    1. Click on any of the Project row’s to view and manage its API details (including Client Secret & Client ID)

    2. Once your API request has been approved, activate the Asset Warranty Integration in your Service Desk Settings.

    To obtain your Client ID and Client Secret, expand one of the Project row’s, as shown below:

    (1) Client ID
    (2) Client Secret