June 26, 2024
    • 26 Jun 2024
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    June 26, 2024

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    Article summary

    These new features include exciting and effective improvements to Spaces, Classic Service Desk, BI Analytics, and AI Chatbot via Microsoft Teams.

    Spaces 🚀

    Journey supports inline Attachment previews

    Attachments can now be previewed inline in the Journey (for .pdf, .txt, .jpg).

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    Service Records support additional Custom Fields

    Spaces Service Records now supports two new Custom Fields: Text and Text Area.

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    Classic 💻

    Due Dates sync when Admins convert Service Records

    Service Records' Due Date Field gets updated when Incidents are converted to Requests (or vice versa).

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    BI Analytics 📊

    New “Active Tickets” Dashboard

    A new “Active Tickets” Sheet was added to the BI Analytics Dashboard; measuring all Active Tickets in the organization’s Service Desk.
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    Service Desk data time frame is now 36 months

    SysAid’s BI Analytics module now extracts Help Desk data from a time frame of 36 months.

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    Grant BI Analytics access within Group Permissions

    SysAdmins can now grant BI Analytics access (via checkbox) to Groups within User Management > Groups > Permissions

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    AI Chatbot for Microsoft Teams 💬

    AI Admins can create Conversational Tickets

    End Users can create Conversational Tickets using AI Chatbot via Microsoft Teams.

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    Bug Fixes

    • AI Author now generates the expected style of rephrased text, as selected/requested by the user

    • Neither Admins nor End Users receive two email notifications when:

      A Service Record was created in the Self-Service Portal and assigned to an Admin via a Routing Rule

    • AI Emailbot no longer displays sender’s name as “[Your Name]” in email replys

    • Routing Rules now applied as expected to Service Records categorized by the “AI Intelligent Categorization Rule

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