AI Chatbot via Microsoft Teams
    • 19 May 2024
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    AI Chatbot via Microsoft Teams

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    Enjoy your Self-Service Portal’s AI Chatbot experience, directly inside Microsoft Teams.

    Get conversational AI Chatbot assistance or submit a Service Record directly inside Teams, and eliminate the need to leave your Teams work environment when you need to create and fill out a Service Record.


    AI Chatbot for Microsoft Teams is currently in its initial release stage

    SysAid for Teams users must contact their CSM or SysAid Customer Care to have the AI Chatbot via Microsoft Teams enabled

    SysAid’s conversational AI Chatbot experience is available directly inside Teams – offering the Self-Service Portal AI Chatbot’s multiple, advanced capabilities to Microsoft Teams users – directly inside their familiar work environment (Teams).

    These capabilities allow Microsoft Teams users to ask the AI Chatbot for assistance with an issue they're having, and resolve it either with or without creating a Service Record inside Teams.

    At any point, users can rate the AI Chatbot’s response by clicking the Thumbs up/Thumbs down icons.

    This document describes how to use the AI Chatbot via Microsoft Teams Teams to:

    • Get information on recent Service Records and organization-related information about end users' questions or issues

    • Create Service Records directly from a Chat

    Get info about Service Records

    Recent Service Records

    You can ask the AI Chatbot about existing Service Records that you’ve submitted – just as you would using the “Get info” feature in an SSP AI Chat.


    Ask the AI Chatbot how many open Service Records you have, and it will respond by listing them with the following information:

    • Title

    • ID

    • Status

    • Last Modified

    If your issue requires further assistance (can’t be resolved based on the AI Chatbot’s answers alone) – you can choose to create a Service Record directly inside the Chat.

    You can ask the AI Chatbot about recent Service Records – without leaving the Teams (Chat) interface, just as you would to the Self-Service Portal AI Chatbot.

    As the Chat progresses, you can scroll up at any point to view the entire Chat history, or search the Chat (using the native Teams search functionality).

    Specific Service Record

    You can ask the AI Chatbot about a specific Service Record you’ve submitted – by referencing one of the following:

    Specify in prompt


    Service Record ID

    What’s the Status of Service Record 654?

    Service Record ‘Topic’

    What’s going on with my printer Service Record?

    When the AI Chatbot responds with the Service Record’s Information, the answer may include the following Field Values:

    • Title

    • Description

    • Status

    • Assignee

    • Submission Time


    Users can only obtain information on Service Records if they are its defined Request User

    Create a Service Record from a Chat

    Example: You can type “create a ticket” to the AI Chatbot, which triggers the response shown above.

    When a Service Record is officially created, the AI Chatbot responds with a ‘Ticket Summary block’, listing the following Fields:

    • Service Record ID

    • Title

    • Status

    You can click on the ‘Manage Ticket’ link to view the Service Record in the Self-Service Portal.

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