AI Author
    • 11 Apr 2024
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    AI Author

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    Article summary

    Get suggestions from AI Author for ways to rephrase any text you write

    Every Rich Text Editor in Spaces includes the AI Author capability; using SysAid Copilot to generate multiple rephrased versions of the text that SysAdmins enter into the Rich Text Editor.

    When the Admin writes text and then selects four or more words (or the entire text) –  an ‘AI Author Bubble’ appears and offers five rephrased text options:

    • Improved
    • Casual 
    • Formal tone
    • Shortened
    • Step-by-step (an instructive format)

    Once you select your desired option, an AI loader will appear while your text is being rephrased, until you see the rephrased text inside the Rich Text Editor (replacing your original text).

    You can click on the ‘Reset’ icon to resume the original text.

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