BI Analytics
    • 03 Apr 2023
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    BI Analytics

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    Article Summary

    The SysAid BI Analytics module enables you to uncover the potential of your Help Desk data using the Qlik Sense platform in your SysAid installation. The analysis you perform with this tool allows you to identify trends and outliers in your organization by asking pointed questions in a structured manner. You can focus in on important measurements relating to your SRs and admins, display data in predefined charts and graphs, and create dynamic presentations that show the data most relevant for you. This leads to meaningful and actionable conclusions about the state of your Help Desk.

    This module is a Cloud-based solution. It is also available in Hybrid mode for On-Premise installations (see below for more details). 

    For information on filtering data in BI Analytics, see Filter BI Data.
    For information on the various graphs or charts available for displaying your data, see BI Analytics Chart Options.
    For information on creating dynamic presentations of your BI data, see BI Analytics Presentations.

    BI Analytics video

    Getting started

    To grant an admin access to BI Analytics, update his or her admin permissions to include the Access BI Analytics permission. Once this permission is granted, the admins can immediately access the BI Analytics menu item, but must wait until the cloud-based BI Analytics module is updated with his or her admin information. If an admin opens BI Analytics before the file is updated they will encounter the following error message:


    The first time this process runs, the file contains up to three years of historical help desk and user data and should populate the BI Analytics module and transfer user permissions within an hour. Subsequent runs only contain new and/or updated data and could take up to 12 hours for the information to reach BI Analytics. If you update an SR or grant a new admin BI Analytics permission, the SR information might not display in BI Analytics and the admin may not be able to open BI Analytics for up to 12 hours.


    To access BI Analytics your browser must allow third-party cookies, particularly from If your browser settings do not allow for third-party cookies, set up an exception for


    The data in BI Analytics is displayed across several screens called "sheets".

    The "Currently Active SRs Overview" sheet functions as a dashboard for BI Analytics and automatically filters for active SRs. This sheet ignores all time-related filters as well as the Admin Group filter. Even if one of these filters is displayed in the filter bar at the top of the sheet, it is not applied to the data on this specific sheet. All other filters are applied to the data.


    Use the Forward and Back arrows to navigate to the next or previous sheet. To jump to a specific sheet, click the sheet name to open a menu of all the sheets in your system.

    For information on customizing a sheet or creating a new sheet, contact your account manager.

    Expand Chart

    You can get a better look at a chart by viewing it in full screen mode.

    To expand a chart

    1. Hover your mouse over the chart and click BIDashboardfilesFullScreen.jpg.
    2. To exit full screen mode, click BIDashboardfilesCloseFullScreen.jpg.


    If select a set of filters that you think you may want to come back to, you can create a bookmark that automatically reproduces the filters on that sheet.

    Create a bookmark

    1. When you have selected the filters you want to save, click BIDashboardfilesBookmark.jpg.
    2. Click Create new bookmark.
    3. Enter a title and description for your bookmark.
    4. Click outside of the gray area.

    View bookmark properties

    You can view a bookmark's description and filters to determine if you want to open that bookmark.

    1. Click BIDashboardfilesBookmark1.jpg.
    2. Click the BIDashboardfilesBookmarkProperties.jpg corresponding to the bookmark you want to view properties for.

    Edit bookmark properties

    1. Click BIDashboardfilesBookmark2.jpg.
    2. Click the BIDashboardfilesBookmarkProperties1.jpg
      corresponding to the bookmark you want to edit properties for.
    3. Click BIDashboardfilesEditProperties.jpg.
    4. Edit the bookmark's title and/or description.
    5. click BIDashboardfilesSaveProperties.jpg.

    Delete a bookmark

    1. Click BIDashboardfilesBookmark3.jpg.
    2. Click the BIDashboardfilesBookmarkProperties2.jpg corresponding to the bookmark you want to delete.
    3. Click BIDashboardfilesEditProperties1.jpg.
    4. Click BIDashboardfilesDeleteBookmark.jpg.

    Metadata fields

    SysAid displays certain metadata fields that tell you how updated the information is in BI Analytics.

    • Date last loaded
    • Last reload
    • Published - The date when the current version of the BI Analytics application was released.
    • Published to
    • Last record load - The date that the most recent SysAid ticket was synced with the BI Analytics data

    How it works

    BI Analytics uses Single Sign On to log you in to the cloud-based solution from within your browser. Relevant information (only Service Record data displayed in BI Analytics) is taken from your SysAid installation, zipped, and encrypted on your SysAid server. That information is then automatically uploaded on a regular basis to the SysAid cloud and processed into the cloud-based BI Analytics module (powered by Qlik Sense).

    BI Analytics is extracted from your production environment twice a day. This allows you to view and work with recently updated historical data without affecting your production Help Desk environment.


    Because the BI Analytics module is connected to a cloud server, it is possible that your BI Analytics connection will timeout after a given length of inactivity. If this occurs, click Refresh to reconnect to the server, or refresh your browser.


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