Service Management
    • 13 Jun 2022
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    Service Management

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    The service management dashboard is your central location for monitoring your helpdesk performance vs. your SLAs.

    If you have not already, please read our measurements overview to understand how this screen fits into the other components of SLA.


    You do not enter any data directly into this screen. Rather, this screen allows you to view a collection of measurement results for all the different measurements you've configured, as well as charts of your performance.

    In the tree on the left, click on an individual measurement to view results for that measurement.
    Clicking on a parent measurement will show you a weighted average of the results of all child measurements (assuming the parent is a non-calculated measurement).

    The two charts both show your grade, not the actual measurement value.

    • The first chart shows your current grade. The green, yellow, and red zones are determined by the spacing of your optimum, warning, and critical grades, respectively.
    • The second chart shows a line graph of your daily grade for the last 60 days.
    • All the fields below the two charts are pulled from the measurement you are viewing.

    Expand all: Displays all measurements in the tree.
    Collapse all: Completely closes the tree, leaving only the first level open.
    Show data for Measurement: This list contains all measurements that do not have a Parent measurement. A measurement without a parent measurement becomes the first level in a new tree. The only predefined measurement without a parent measurement is Service Management. As you create new measurements and new SLAs, you will likely want to build new trees of measurements.
    Recalculate: This will refresh all measurements in the currently open tree using the current data. All measurements are recalculated once a day, so you will generally not need to use this button.

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