Meet the Spaces Queue
    • 10 Jul 2024
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    Meet the Spaces Queue

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    Article summary

    The new and improved version of SysAid Service Desk’s Help Desk List


    • SysAdmin or Admin permissions

    • Spaces activated and enabled

    The Queue offers Admins a better overall experience for managing Service Records, and introduces new capabilities that weren’t possible in Classic, such as:

    The following features are available in both Classic and Spaces versions of the SysAid Service Desk:

    Hybrid Queue

    The following Queue (Classic Help Desk List) features are currently limited to the Hybrid Queue, until they will be launched for Spaces:

    Inline Edits

    Edit Service Record Fields directly from the Queue, without opening individual Service Records or leaving the Queue – all changes are saved automatically.

    Learn more

    Queue Views

    Dig into a new and improved version of System Views: Queue Views can be created by Admins (no longer limited to SysAdmins, but does require the “Save Personal View” permission), created by dragging and dropping Columns, and filtered using Quick Filters.

    Learn more about Queue Views

    Multi-select Column Filters

    Filter a Column by multiple Field values, instead of by one Field Value only.

    Learn more about multi-select Filters

    Combined Filters

    Select multiple Column Filters and apply them directly from the Queue, which then displays a combined result of all filtered values.

    Learn more about Combined Filters

    Quick Filters

    Apply Quick Filters (Assignee and Status fields) to refine the Queue according to what you're looking for.

    Learn more about Quick Filters

    Column Sub-sorting

    The Queue can now be sorted by multiple Columns. This is made possible using the sub sorting functionality;

    Sorting the Queue an additional time once it's already been ordered (sorted) by one Column.

    Learn more about sub sorting

    Drag and drop Queue Columns

    reorder column

    Queue Columns can be reordered, added or removed — to display Service Records according to priority, use-case, and agenda. Simply open the Column Configuration Panel, hover over a Column chip and drag it to your desired location in the Queue.

    Once you click Save, the Column will appear in your Queue.

    Learn more about configuring Columns