Assign Service Record Weight
    • 27 May 2024
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    Assign Service Record Weight

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    Article summary

    Service Records in the Hybrid Queue can be exported to external file formats, so that Admins can manage their Service Record content externally, according to organization needs and use-cases.


    • SysAdmin or Admin permissions

    • SR Weighting enabled

    Exporting Service Records to .csv and .pdf file formats can be performed in the Hybrid Queue/

    This article provides the necessary steps to:

    • Open the Hybrid Queue

    • Enable Service Record Weighting


    To enable the Service Record Weight feature, follow these steps:

    1. Go to Settings (in the Sidebar menu)

    2. Click on General Service Desk Customizations

    3. Select the Enable SR Weighting functionality to override list sort order checkbox

    4. Click Save

    Open Hybrid Queue

    launch classic queue

    Click the ‘three dots’ in the Service Record Header > Select “Launch Classic Queue.

    This will open your Queue in Classic.

    Select Service Record

    To select a Service Record for Weight Assignment,

    1. Select the relevant Service Record

    2. Click the three dots in the Hybrid Queue’s Header

    3. Click More Actions

    Assign Weight

    1. From the dropdown select Weight

    2. In the text box, enter the Weight you want to assign to the selected Service Records

    3. Click Save

    To sort Service Records by Weight, follow the steps provided here.

    Return to Spaces UI

    go back to spaces queue (1)

    Once you’ve completed assigning a Service Record Weight (and viewing the Weight field in the Hybrid Queue, when necessary), click Close to return to the Spaces UI.