Use Advanced Filters
    • 27 May 2024
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    Use Advanced Filters

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    Article summary

    Continue using Advanced Filters by temporarily switching your Service Desk from Spaces UI to Classic.


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    Using the Advanced Filters functionality requires temporarily switching the Service Desk to Classic UI.

    Once created in Classic, Advanced Filter results can only be viewed in the Classic UI.

    To view the results, do so in the Classic Queue, before reverting your Service Desk back to Spaces UI.

    Export your Queue

    For your convenience, you can export your Classic Queue to an external file, and continue referencing your Advanced Filter results, even once you’ve reverted back to Spaces

    Step 1

    Switch Service Desk to Classic

    switch sd to classic

    To temporarily switch your entire Service Desk from Spaces to Classic, follow these steps:

    1. Click the Me Menu in the sidebar

    2. Click Switch to Classic

    3. Click Save

    Your Service Desk will now function in the Classic UI.

    Step 2

    Add Advanced Filter

    1. Click the Filter icon in the List Header

    2. Click Edit

    Step 3

    Create Filter

    1. Select a Hybrid Queue Field from the “Choose Element” dropdown.

    This serves as the first condition of your Advanced Filter.

    1. Select the operator which defines which Field value the first condition must contain.

    1. Select the Field Value that the operator should limit the results to.

    1. Select the second condition to combine with the Filter’s first condition.

    1. Select the remaining operators and conditions.

    2. Click Create Filter.

    Step 4

    Switch back from Classic to Spaces

    switch to spaces

    Once you’re finished using the Advanced Filters feature, you can switch back to Spaces by

    clicking on “Me Menu” in the Header menu and selecting “Switch to Spaces” from the dropdown list.

    Your Service Desk will then resume to the Spaces UI.