SysAid Copilot
    • 02 Jul 2024
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    SysAid Copilot

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    Introducing SysAid Copilot

    SysAid Copilot is a comprehensive AI suite designed and built to enhance the ITSM experience. SysAid Copilot bakes generative AI into every aspect of service management -- offering various modules that work together to improve efficiency, empower employees, and provide valuable insights.

    Both individually and collectively, each of SysAid Copilot's generative AI features enable admins to maximize productivity in order deliver exceptional, effective service to their end users.

    Benefits of SysAid Copilot

    Speed and Accuracy

    Smarter Tickets: SysAid Copilot learns from your data to build well-structured tickets with all the info admins need, leading to faster and more accurate Resolutions.

    Employee Experience

    SysAid Copilot provides 24/7, consumer-grade support with AI-powered responses, letting employees get answers and fix minor issues instantly.

    Easy Adoption

    Employees adopt SysAid Copilot without any obstacles — interacting with SysAid Copilot through familiar channels like chat and email, making adoption seamless.

    Scale & Efficiency

    Repetitive tasks are all handled by SysAid Copilot; allowing admins to focus on high-impact, high-value tasks and projects.

    Employee Satisfaction

    Faster MTTR, Higher CSAT: SysAid Copilot's speed and accuracy boost employee satisfaction and improve IT metrics.

    Zero-Friction Setup

    Instant Onboarding: No coding needed, SysAid Copilot quickly integrates into your existing systems for immediate value.

    Multi-language Support

    Spaces Service Desk’s translation capabilities (non-English languages) also apply to SysAid Copilot.

    AI Chatbot

    The AI Chatbot enables SysAid users to promptly report issues and receive real-time support from their organization's ITSM resources and personnel. Instead of relying solely on IT teams for questions and problem-solving, users can directly ask the AI Chatbot questions or use it to quickly submit Service Records, avoiding the time-consuming task of manually filling in individual fields in the Service Record form.

    AI Chatbot Admin Configurations

    AI Admins use the AI Chatbot for End Users to generate intelligent, solution-oriented responses to user queries in chat threads -- all using organizational data combined with Large Language Models (LLMs).

    These automated responses save AI Admins the time they'd otherwise need to spend crafting articulate, relevant answers to user inquiries.

    AI Admins leverage SysAid Copilot’s advanced configuration and customization capabilities, including Data Pool, Monitor & Fine-tune, and AI Usage Dashboard to ensure their organization is constantly maximizing the potential of the AI Chatbot (and all SysAid Copilot features).

    AI Emailbot

    The AI Emailbot allows users creating a Service Record via email to receive an AI Chatbot

    response as an email reply, as if they were accessing the AI Chatbot through

    the Self-Service Portal.

    Data Pool

    SysAid Copilot sources its knowledge from the Data Pool; a collection of Datasets that serve as SysAid Copilot's information source for understanding and answering user queries with accuracy.

    The Data Pool consists of five Dataset-types:

    • Service Record Data

    • Q&A Sets

    • Knowledge Base Articles

    • Documents

    • URLs

    AI Admins’ ongoing tracking and editing of Datasets continuously improves the AI Chatbot's responses, ensuring personalized, relevant and practical information for every user.

    Monitor & Fine-Tune

    AI Admins use "Monitor and Fine-tune" to refine and validate AI Chatbot Q&A Sets (including its metadata) for improved accuracy and quality, providing control and visibility into the value and effectiveness of the AI Chatbot.

    AI Usage Dashboard

    AI Admins use the AI Usage Dashboard to track and analyze how their organization (including both AI Admins and End Users) use SysAid Copilot features.

    These metrics provide AI Admins with:

    • Visibility into how SysAid Copilot is minimizing the time admins spend solving Service Records and increasing employee satisfaction

    • Actionable insights into which SysAid Copilot features are most effective and beneficial to their service management processes

    AI Insights

    ai insights

    AI Admins can enable "AI Insights" emails -- which provide concise summaries (AI-generated) of key performance indicators (KPIs) and actionable insights, ensuring efficient data analysis without the need for manual report generation. AI Insights emails are sent on a weekly basis, every Monday morning in each AI Admin's respective time zone.

    SysAid Copilot: Assistive AI

    Spaces only

    Assistive AI is only available in Spaces

    AI Case Summarization

    Provides Admins with a real-time summarization of the ticket content when they hover over the ticket title from the queue or from within the ticket page. This saves admins an immense amount of time that would otherwise be spent going into every ticket to read and understand the full context.

    AI Emotion

    Provides an indication of the request user sentiment as perceived from the ticket content. This enables admins to prioritize tickets where the sentiment may be negative for improved employee satisfaction. Admins will also be able to see the impact their actions have on the request user sentiment as it is updated in real-time.

    AI Intelligent Categorization

    Screenshot 2024-01-03 114453

    Generates auto-suggested Category Sets for any Active Service Record, based on its Title and Description. Receiving auto-suggested Category sets allows AI Admins to eliminate the need to manually classify each Service Record, and prevent weak or irrelevant Service Record categorization.

    AI Author

    Generates multiple rephrased versions of the text that AI Admins type into the Rich Text Editor – providing multiple options with a range of different tones and style – saving time and busywork without compromising the texts' clarity and precision.