AI Insights
  • 09 Jan 2024
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AI Insights

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Article Summary

AI Admins can receive weekly AI Insights emails (when SysAid Copilot is enabled).

AI Insights emails provide concise summaries (AI-generated) of key performance indicators (KPIs) and actionable insights, ensuring efficient data analysis without the need for manual report generation.

This document explains the content of the AI Insights email and its value for AI Admins looking to leverage generative AI capabilities for more impactful data analysis and educated decisions for improving performance.

The weekly AI Insights Email includes:

  • Key Performance Metrics

  • Dynamic Insights

  • Active Tickets Breakdown

Weekly Delivery Schedule

AI Admins receive this weekly email every Monday morning in their respective time zone.

This email equips recipients with comprehensive insights into their previous week's cumulative performance and strategic action items to enhance future performance for the upcoming work week.

AI-Generated Content Disclaimer

AI Insights are generated solely from KPI values; none of your data or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is used to generate the report

Your Weekly Summary

The “Your Weekly Summary” section measures the following metrics (by percentage) — within a Week-over-Two Weeks time frame.

Performance Summary



Data Frequency

MTTR (in days)

Total number of Closed Tickets (relevant to MTTR)

Weekly (Static)

User Satisfaction Score

Response Rate
(Number of Closed Tickets with a response)

% of Surveys answered (Example)

# of Surveys answered

Dynamic per Week (AI-generated selection)

% of Tickets received from the
Self-Service Portal (Example)

# of Tickets received through the Self-Service Portal

Dynamic Metrics

“Well Done, Keep Crushing IT”

These AI Insights identify and elaborate on a KPI you’re doing well at.

This metric is a comparison (by percentage) of the successful KPI’s progress, comparing its performance to:

  • Last week’s value

  • Value the week before

  • Benchmark


This section’s KPI Insights elaborate on:

  • What the improvement percentages represent

  • What the performance increase indicates about the activity impacting the KPI

  • How the current performance relates to the benchmark

Benchmark KPI Collection

  • SysAid Benchmark Data is based on over 200 customers with over 2 million Service Records.

  • Learn more about these KPIs in the Service Management KPI and Benchmark Forum on our Community

“Now, let’s improve this KPI”

These AI Insights identify and suggest improvements for a KPI you could improve.

This metric is a comparison (by percentage) of the KPI’s progress, comparing its performance to:

  • Last week’s value

  • Value the week before

  • Benchmark


This section’s KPI Insights elaborate on:

  • What the decrease in performance represents

  • How the current performance rate compares to the benchmark

  • Potential causes behind the decrease in performance

Suggestions and Predictions for the next 7 days


This section discusses the KPI you can improve, suggesting:

  • Definitive actions to take to improve the KPI, and how to execute them

  • The goals and results that these actions could potentially achieve


This section predicts and describes:

  • An increase in percentage for your KPI’s performance

  • How that figure compares to the benchmark

  • How the suggested improvements will allow the KPI performance percentage to increase

Active Tickets Breakdown

This segment categorizes and measures (by percentage) the AI Admin's Active Tickets based on various criteria:

Active Tickets by Percentage



Incident Ratio

Ratio between number of Active Incident Tickets compared to number of Active Incident & Request Tickets

Open for 1-5 days

Active Tickets that remained open for 1-5 days

Open for 5+ days

Active Tickets that remained open for 5+ days


% of Active Overdue Tickets within all Active Tickets

No Due Date

% of Active Tickets without a Due Date, within all Active Tickets

Ticket Handoffs

% of Active Tickets that have been assigned to more than one Admin, within all Active Tickets

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