AI Usage Dashboard
  • 03 Jan 2024
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AI Usage Dashboard

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Article Summary

Track and analyze how users are using SysAid Copilot features -- all from the AI Usage Dashboard

The AI Usage Dashboard lets AI Admins track and analyze how their organization's AI Admins and End Users are using SysAid Copilot features.

These metrics provide AI Admins with:

  • Visibility into how SysAid Copilot is minimizing the time admins spend solving Service Records and increasing employee satisfaction
  • Actionable insights into which SysAid Copilot features are most effective and beneficial to their service management processes

You can access the AI Usage Dashboard by clicking the cogwheel icon from the AI Chatbot interface.

This document describes how to utilize each segment and finding of the AI Usage Dashboard.


The Dashboard metrics’ time frame can be modified by selecting the dropdown menu in the top right

AI Usage Dashboard Structure

The AI Usage Dashboard constitutes the data components described below;

Account Usage Counter

The Account Usage progress bar (snackbar) above the Dashboard displays the organization’s AI license:

  • Time and duration (12 month range, beginning with Start Date)
  • Counter of used AI-touched Service Records thus far, within the account allowance


AI-touched Service Record account allowance can be increased by clicking the ‘Upgrade’ button to the right of the progress bar

Unique Users

Dashboard Card Chart - Number of unique Admin & end users

This bar graph represents the number of unique End Users and AI Admins within the organization who have engaged with the SysAid Copilot features — either on a:

  • Annual basis; over the last 12 Months
  • Monthly basis; over the last 30 days

The number of unique AI Chatbot users for each role type (End User or AI Admin) is calculated as a ‘part-to-whole’ value, counting the number of AI Chatbot users in proportion to the total number of users in that role.


The sample graph above indicates that 1,346 out of 2,000 End Users within the organization have interacted with the AI Chatbot at least once over the past 12 months

AI-Touched Service Records

This bar chart shows two metrics that measure how SysAid Copilot is used for the organization’s Service Records:

  • Total number of Service Records in the organization that have been touched by AI
  • A feature-based breakdown of how many Service Records were touched by AI

Percentage Metric

Measures Percentage of Service Records


Resolved without AI Admin input (fully contained by SysAid Copilot)


Touched by the AI Chatbot


Touched using the AI Chatbot via Email Integration

AI-Intelligent Categorization

Touched by AI-Intelligent Categorization (received suggestions to improve/populate their Category Sets)

AI-Contained Service Records

This pie chart visualizes how many AI-touched Service Records were fully contained by the SysAid Copilot.

This metric is extracted from the the “AI-Touched Service Record” bar chart in the Dashboard, and is then broken down further – according to Service Record submission sources:

  • SysAid for Teams
  • Self-Service Portal
  • Email

Impact of Internal Data

This pie chart shows how many of the AI-Chatbot answers were based on Internally-sourced data of the account versus Externally-sourced.