Configure AI Chatbot for Agents
    • 01 Jul 2024
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    Configure AI Chatbot for Agents

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    Customize your AI Chatbot for Agents to align its characteristics and responses with your company-wide strategic and business goals. This includes your company’s internal voice and tone, value proposition, and approach to customer satisfaction.


    • SysAid Spaces

    • SysAid Copilot license

    • SysAid Copilot enabled

    AI Chatbot for Agents is currently in Beta

    This document describes how to customize AI Chatbot for Agents (under General Settings), including:

    Organization Details

    To configure and customize the AI Chatbot for Agents, open its General Settings, as shown above, and modify the following:


    Where it’s displayed

    Default Value

    Organization Name

    Identifies your organization in the AI Chatbot interface

    IT Department

    Assistant Name

    Specifies the role of the AI Chatbot in its Chat prompts

    AI IT Assistant

    Chatbot User Role

    Where AI Chatbot’s User Role is identified (Monitor & Fine-tune, Data Pool)

    IT Agent

    AI Chatbot Name

    AI Chatbot interface

    AI Chatbot for Agents


    The AI Chatbot for Agents curates its responses contextually based on your organization’s Prompt and Datasets configured only for AI Chatbot for Agents.

    Dataset Access

    AI Chatbot can access and refer to all Dataset-types available to AI Chatbot for Agents, such as Service Record Datasets, SharePoint Datasets, etc.

    AI Chatbot for Agent's contextual responses are also based on the screen the AI Admin has open while conversing with the AI Chatbot:

    • Active Service Records

    • Queue (displayed Queue content, according to active Filters)

    Guardrails Message

    The AI Chatbot’s Guardrails Message increases your organization’s AI Chatbot’s compliance and security of – so that Agents can't misuse or violate its functionalities, permissions, security protocols, and ethical standards.

    Your organization’s default Guardrails Message for the AI Chatbot for Agents is the same as the default Guardrails Message for AI Chatbot for End Users, but can be edited.

    Chat System Message

    Modifying the Chat System Message allows you to construct and modify the Assistant’s ‘personality’ and provide specific instructions about its behavior throughout the conversation.

    Task Advisor

    Task Advisor uses a prioritization formula (the Task Advisor prompt in the Chat System Message) to identify and recommend the next Service Record the AI Admin should work on.

    This recommendation is based on the highest priority ticket in their Queue, as determined by these Fields:

    • Priority

    • Due Date

    • AI Emotion (Request User Sentiment) – coming soon

    Learn more about AI Chatbot for Agent’s Task Advisor

    Automatic Messages

    Your organization’s default Automatic Messages for the AI Chatbot for Agents allow you to craft and customize:

    • Welcome Message (triggered when the AI Chatbot window first opens)

    • Starter Message (triggered after the end user clicks the “New Chat” button

    • Error Message