AI Chatbot for End Users
    • 02 Jul 2024
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    AI Chatbot for End Users

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    Article summary

    AI Chatbot for End Users enables employees to promptly report issues and receive real-time support from their organization's ITSM resources and personnel. Instead of relying solely on IT teams for questions and problem-solving, users can directly ask the AI Chatbot questions or use it to quickly submit Service Records, avoiding the time-consuming task of manually filling in individual fields in the Service Record form.

    Where to find the AI Chatbot

    Find out how employees can access the AI Chatbot from the Self-Service Portal

    AI Chatbot Configurations

    AI Admins use the AI Chatbot for End Users to generate intelligent, solution-oriented responses to user queries in chat threads -- all using organizational data combined with Large Language Models (LLMs).

    These automated responses save AI Admins the time they'd otherwise need to spend crafting articulate, relevant answers to user inquiries.

    AI Admins leverage SysAid Copilot’s advanced configuration and customization capabilities, including Data Pool, Monitor & Fine-tune, and AI Usage Dashboard to ensure their organization is constantly maximizing the potential of the AI Chatbot (and all SysAid Copilot features).

    AI Chatbot for End Users: Capabilities

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