Configure AI Chatbot
    • 21 May 2024
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    Configure AI Chatbot

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    Article Summary

    AI Chatbot Data Sources & Guardrails

    Configure which Datasets to include in your AI Chatbot’s Data Pool, and make sure your AI Chatbot interactions with End Users abides by security protocols and ethical standards


    • SysAid Copilot license

    • SysAdmin or AI Admin permissions

    The AI Chatbot utilizes organizational data combined with Large Language Models (LLMs) to generate intelligent, solution-oriented responses to user queries in chat threads. These automated responses save the time that Admins would otherwise need to spend crafting articulate, relevant answers to user inquiries.

    End users can trigger the AI Chatbot from both the Self-Service Portal (via the Service Catalog Tile) and the Email Integration.


    • The “Enable SysAid Copilot” checkbox is only clickable if the SysAid account has a valid license 

    • If the checkbox is unchecked, AI Chatbot features won’t be accessible

    This document provides a brief overview of how SysAdmins can configure:

    Configure AI Chatbot Data Sources

    You can configure multiple Datasets as part of your Data Pool, which includes the following data configuration sources:

    • Q&A Sets

    • Knowledge Base Articles

    • Documents 

    • URLs

    • Service Record Data

    • SharePoint Connect

    Configure AI Chatbot Guardrails

    input compliance

    You can increase the compliance and security of your organization's AI Chatbot so that the AI Chatbot's functionalities, permissions, security protocols, and ethical standards cannot be misused or violated.


    The “Enable AI Chatbot Guardrails” checkbox is disabled by default

    Configuring the AI Chatbot's Guardrails Rules involves defining two parameters:

    AI Chatbot Guardrails Rules

    These default rules relate to topics or texts that end users might include in their queries, such as:

    • Inappropriate content (profanity, vulgarity, hate speech, etc.)

    • Embedded content or commands

    • Requests to change system instructions

    • Requests to change scripting, language coding, command language, etc.

    • Attempts to access data or functionality outside the scope of the intended query processing

    • Attempts to exploit potential vulnerabilities in the system

    • Attempts to hide malicious intent or content

    SysAid Copilot provides eight default Guardrails Rules which the AI Admin can choose whether to edit, keep, or remove.

    User Violation Message

    You can create a User Violation Message (System Message) to serve as the AI Chatbot's automatic response to user queries that violate your organization's Input Compliance Rules. 

    This automated message can also explicitly specify which of your Input Compliance Rules were violated.

    To modify (or disable) your AI Chatbot's Guardrails Rules and content, go to AI Chatbot Settings > General > Guardrails section.