Task Advisor
    • 02 Jul 2024
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    Task Advisor

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    Article summary

    Get recommendations for which Service Record to address next. This recommendation is based on the highest priority ticket in the Queue, determined using its prioritization formula configured in the AI Chatbot Settings


    • SysAid Spaces

    • SysAid Copilot license

    • SysAid Copilot enabled

    • AI Chatbot Access

    AI Chatbot for Agents is currently in Beta

    AI Chatbot for Agents' Task Advisor feature answers AI Admin’s questions about which Service Record (in their Queue) is highest priority or most urgent to begin working on next.

    How it works

    Configure Task Advisor Prompt

    AI Admins can configure the Task Advisor prompt from within the AI Chatbot General Settings > AI Chatbot for Agents > System Message (prompt).

    These prompts are written in the Chat system message Field, as shown above.

    Get task suggestions

    AI Admins can ask the AI Chatbot to suggest the next Service Record by writing, for example, “what ticket should I work on next?”, or something similar.

    Task Advisor will then:

    1. Suggest the highest priority Service Record based on the current Queue’s active filters

    2. If user asks to work on the recommended Service Record –

    3. SR page will open; based on the Task Advisor Prioritization Formula (prompt) configured in AI Chatbot Settings

    The Task Advisor Formula generates its response based on the following parameters:

    • Priority

    • Due Date

    • AI Emotion (Request User Sentiment) – coming soon

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