AI Chatbot for Agents [Beta]
    • 14 Jul 2024
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    AI Chatbot for Agents [Beta]

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    Article summary

    Extend the conversational AI assistance to AI Admins themselves – so that AI Admins can ask the AI Chatbot questions and get answers conversationally, right from their Admin Portal and active Service Records.


    • Spaces activated and enabled

    • SysAid Copilot license with AI Chatbot enabled

    AI Chatbot for Agents is currently in Beta

    Why AI Chatbot for Agents?

    AI Chatbot for Agents delivers real-time, tailored AI responses, addressing agents' specific needs and inquiries in a conversational setting. Agents can effortlessly resolve issues without ever leaving the Admin Portal.

    AI Chatbot for Agents also suggests solutions and Message drafts contextually, from within any ticket the AI Admin is working on. This not only eliminates the need to explicitly seek the right solution outside of the Service Record, but also saves the AI Admin time writing Message drafts to the Request User.

    Where to find AI Chatbot for Agents

    open ai chatbot for agents

    AI Admins can access the AI Chatbot for Agents from anywhere in the SysAid Portal, with an option to minimize, resize, or expand it.

    To launch the AI Chatbot from the Admin Portal in Spaces (from the Service Record or the Queue), go to Sidebar and click on the AI Chatbot icon.

    AI Chatbot for Agents: Capabilities

    Conversational Assistance

    • Get Service Record info conversationally

    • Provide a Suggested Solution

    • Provide task suggestions from Task Advisor: which Service Record to work on next

    • Draft a Message to the Request User

    • Provide information about the Request User Assets (Coming soon)

    Visibility, Knowledge, and Measurement

    Data Pool

    • Get answers based on the Data Pool’s AI Agent Datasets (Admin-only knowledge)

    AI Usage Dashboard

    • Track AI Chatbot for Agent activity

    Monitor & Fine-tune

    • Navigate to or delete past Chat threads. (monitor and fine tune the answers provided to admins by the chatbot)