AI Chatbot Actions
    • 01 Jul 2024
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    AI Chatbot Actions

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    Use AI Chatbot for Agents to save time and effort with manual Service Record management tasks – by getting assistance resolving your Service Records, such as task suggestions for highest priority Service Records, suggested Message drafts, and suggested Solutions


    • SysAid Spaces

    • SysAid Copilot license

    • SysAid Copilot enabled

    • AI Chatbot Access

    • Edit permissions for active Service Record

    AI Chatbot for Agents is currently in Beta

    AI Admins can leverage the AI Chatbot’s knowledge sources and generative AI capabilities to save time and effort managing and resolving Service Records.

    AI Chatbot for Agents makes this possible by providing contextual help from either the Queue or an active Service Record; offering conversational assistance according to each AI Admin’s unique, real-time needs.

    AI Admins can use the AI Chatbot for Agents to receive answers based on their organization’s AI Chatbot Data Pool – the AI Chatbot window can be accessed from and opened within any other page in the Service Desk.

    Task Advisor

    AI Chatbot for Agents also includes Task Advisor, which identifies and recommends the next Service Record the AI Admin should address.

    This recommendation is based on the highest priority ticket in their Queue, determined using its prioritization formula configured in the AI Chatbot Settings

    Learn more about Task Advisor

    Suggest a Solution

    When the AI Admin asks the AI Chatbot to suggest a Solution, the AI Chatbot responds with a Solution for the displayed ticket – in a step-by-step, technical language for how to solve the issue.

    Draft a Message

    AI Admins can ask the AI Chatbot to write a Message to the active Service Record’s Request User.

    How it works

    Once the AI Admin prompts the AI Chatbot to write (draft) a Message, the following will happen:

    Step 1

    If the AI Admin asks the AI Chatbot to send the Message to the user:

    • The drafted Message content appears inside the Chat thread

    • The Message content is added to the Service Record’s Message field (in Edit mode); the Recipient field gets populated with the Request User

    Step 2

    AI Chatbot informs the AI Admin that the Message draft was added to the Messages Field, ready to be sent or edited by the AI Admin.

    Step 3

    AI Admin can then edit or send the Message from the Journey’s Message Field, and it's sent to the Request User.

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