Instant Message
    • 06 Jun 2022
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    Instant Message

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    Article Summary

    Instant messages are Announcements that give you one of two types of information:

    1. A new service record has been assigned to you
    2. Another administrator sent you a personal message


    Instant messages for new service records

    To enable instant messages for new service records, please go to Settings > Service Desk > General and enable the option Send instant message to Administrator regarding a new Service Record.

    Once enabled, any new service record that's assigned to you will generate an instant message that includes the time the SR was submitted, the submit user (appears as the Sender ), and the number and title of the new service record.

    Instant messages sent from one admin to another

    Any administrator can send an instant message to any other by clicking the their user name in the top right corner then choosing the Send Message option and choosing the method Instant Message. This is an alternative method to email for communicating between administrators.

    Other instant message functionality

    Click the Reply button to reply to the instant message.
    Click on the X in the top right corner to delete that individual message.