Create/Edit Custom Entity Column
  • 04 Oct 2022
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Create/Edit Custom Entity Column

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Article Summary

This page allows you to create and modify custom fields in SysAid. It has two tabs, General and Advanced.

You can create up to 200 custom fields per entity.


The General tab allows you to create your new custom field, or to change the field name after it's created.


Entity Type This is the entity for which you are creating a new field. You can't change the entity type on this page. If you would like to select a different entity type, click Cancel to go back to the list of entities and then select your desired entity.

Field Caption This is the text displayed next to your custom field where it appears on your forms and in the column header where it appears in your lists. This is also the name of the field that appears when you are customizing forms or lists.

Field Type This is the type of field that's created. When you click OK, a new field of this type is created in your SysAid database. The field type can't be changed after the field is added. Types of fields available are text (single-line text field), integer (number, no decimal points), float (number, allows decimal points), text area (notes field), date, Date time, list, and list - Multi-Select, Relational list, and Relational list - Multi-Select.


The application of the relational and multi-select fields is currently limited. For example they are not compatible with SysAid's action or query builder. Future versions will allow for a more expanded usage of these fields.

Addon DB Name This is the name of the new field you are creating as it appears in your database. Addon DB Name can contain lowercase letters only. Addon DB Name can't be changed after you create the new field.

Encrypt Field If enabled, this option encrypts the field's values in the database if the field is a text or text area field. This ensures that user's with access to the database do not have access to confidential information stored in this field.

This option is only available when the field is first created. Encryption can not be enabled or disabled while modifying an existing custom column.

Click OK/Apply to add your new custom field to SysAid. You may then add it to the appropriate list or form using the design form icon SharedimagesDesignFormIcon29.jpg (or the Customize View link on the Service Desk and Asset lists).

Setup a Relational Field

You can set up a relational field in a service record or action item that allows users to select from a filtered list of another entity (such as admins or companies). The list field can be a single-select drop-down list or a multi-select field.

To set up a relational field

  1. Navigate to Field Customization and select Service Record or Action Item.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter the field caption.
  4. From the Field Type drop-down list, select Relational List or Relational List - Multi-Select.
  5. Select the entity that you want the list to display.
  6. To filter the list of the selected entity that is displayed in the created field, click Query Builder, set the query, and click Create Filter.
  7. Enter a DB field name.
  8. Click OK.


For each SysAid entity, you can create form events called triggers. This tab allows you to create the different triggers for the entity you've chosen. For more information, see Triggers.


For Cloud accounts, this section of advanced field customization is available only via our Professional Services team. If you need to access this feature please contact


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