• 21 Nov 2023
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Messages are emails sent by users from or to a Service Record. 

In order for an email to be associated with a Service Record, it needs to be sent to an email address integrated into the application, and its subject needs to contain the Service Record ID Prefix.

This article provides an overview of how to manage Service Record Messages (Messages) in SysAid, including the ability to 

View Messages

Messages can be viewed in three different Journey Modes:

  • Highlights
  • Full Journey
  • Activities

Read Messages

You can read Messages directly inside the Journey.

Messages Permissions

View or Edit permissions are required to read Messages

Write Messages

To write a Message, click on the [Messages button + icon] in the Toolbar and write your Message in the (expanded) Rich Text Editor. You can choose to @Mention a user in the Message by typing “@” followed by their name. 

You can also insert Canned Responses into Messages using the Rich Text Editor.

To include a Canned Response in your email content, begin by adding a recipient to the email draft. Then, access the "Canned Responses" dropdown menu using the [icon] icon within the Rich Text Editor and choose the desired version.

  • Message Title Field is automatically populated with the Service Record title but can be modified
  • Messages created via the Toolbar automatically populate the Recipient field with the Request User
  • Edit permissions are required to write or reply to Messages from the Journey

Reply to Messages

Reply to a Message inside the Journey

 To reply (or to “Reply all”) to a Message in the Journey, click on the [reply button] beneath the Message content and write your Reply in the (expanded) Rich Text Editor. 

‘Reply’ or ‘Reply all’ Messages don’t include Attachments associated with the original email when the reply is sent.

Forward Messages

Forward a Message inside the Journey

To forward a Message in the Journey, click on the [forward button] beneath the Message content, add your Message content, and click [Send button]. Forwarded Messages include Attachments from the original Message.

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