Registered Users
    • 03 Jun 2022
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    Registered Users

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    Article Summary

    This page shows you all users that are registered for My Desktop on at least one computer. The Assigned Assets column shows all computers that a user is registered on.


    Un-Registering a user

    To remove all assigned assets from an individual user, select that user and click Delete. If you would like to remove only one asset from a user, you may do so from that user's profile under User Management.

    Unassign all assets from a user

    Assigning assets to a user

    In order to assign assets to a user, go to Tools > User Management > (open a user profile) > My Desktop (tab). For further instructions, please go here.

    Using Auto-Match

    Click Auto-Match to automatically register all users in SysAid to the machines they own or use the most. For a full description of Auto-Match, please see the My Desktop Guide.