Project List
    • 06 Jun 2022
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    Project List

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    Here you can view a list of all your projects and their associated tasks. For a complete overview of projects and tasks, please see our complete guide to SysAid Projects and Tasks.


    Actions available from the upper menu bar icons

    There are several actions that you can take on this list take using the upper menu bar icons:

    To create a new project, click image.png. To edit an existing project, click on its row. For further information for creating and editing projects, please go here.

    You may view a Gantt chart of projects in the list by clicking the Gantt icon image.png. The Gantt chart shows all projects that have both a start and end time and includes their progress towards completion. Progress towards completiong is calculated based upon the the project's Progress % or Calculated Progress % . You may choose which of these two fields is used under Tasks / Projects > Project Settings.

    For a complete description of the remaining menu bar icons, please go here.

    Projects and their associated tasks and activities

    You may click the expand icon SharedimagesExpandlisticonExpandlisticon1.jpg next to any project to view all tasks associated with that project. Clicking on a task's row will allow you to view details for that task.

    You may click the expand icon SharedimagesExpandlisticonExpandlisticon2.jpgnext to any task to view all activities associated with that task. Clicking on an activity's row will allow you to view details for that activity. A task displays up to 10 activities on the list. tasks with more than 10 activities are highlighted.


    Projects without tasks don't display the expand icon, nor do tasks without activities.

    See also: Customizing lists

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