Outgoing Email Integration Form
    • 13 Jun 2022
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    Outgoing Email Integration Form

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    By configuring outgoing email integration in SysAid, you gain several important benefits:

    • All emails sent from service records are saved as correspondence in the email message log, allowing you to review them later
    • Service records can send automatic notifications to administrators and end users, both on the creation of a new service record, and when details within the service record are changed (either by an end user or by another administrator)
    • You can enable email notifications for monitoring, software licenses, and reminders, allowing you to receive an instant update if there are any problems affecting your service desk
    • Receive critical email updates about escalated service records

    SysAid Basic Edition gives you one outgoing email address, and SysAid Full Edition allows you to create as many as you like. Multiple outgoing email addresses can be useful if you have multiple departments that use SysAid, for example helpdesk@yourcompany.com and maintenance@yourcompany.com.

    To configure SysAid email integration, fill out the relevant fields using the table below and then click Save

    Outgoing email settings




    Enable outgoing email

    Select this checkbox to enable outgoing email integration for this profile.

    Email addressThis is the email address you are integrating with.

    SMTP host name

    This is the name of the computer that has the SMTP sever.

    SMTP port

    The default is 25, but you can change this if port 25 is blocked for any reason.


    You can allow SysAid to send emails using either SSL or TLS encryption if your SMTP server supports them.

    SMTP user (optional for authentication)

    If your SMTP server requires authentication, please enter a valid username here.

    SMTP password (optional for authentication)

    Your user password is only needed if your SMTP requires authentication.


    The international standard is utf-8. You should not need to change this.

    Content type

    Allows you to choose text format for outgoing emails (e.g. plain text, html).

    CharsetAllows you to choose the character set for outgoing emails. The international standard is utf-8. You should not need to change this.

    Test outgoing email

    Click Test to check that this email address is valid for sending emails from SysAid.

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