Required Network Access
    • 07 Jun 2022
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    Required Network Access

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    For customers using SysAid Cloud accounts, you must enable communication between the SysAid Cloud servers and the computers on your network (Exchange server, LDAP server, etc.) for SysAid to work. To do this, the servers must be able to grant access to your network and their IP addresses must be included in any white lists maintained by your company. The first step in this process is determining which environment your SysAid account resides on. SysAid has cloud environments in the United States, Canada, Europe, Israel, and Australia.

    To identify your SysAid account's cloud environment:

    1. Log into SysAid.
    2. Click on your user name in the top right corner and select About.
    3. Check the Node Name field. If the node name contains "us", your account is in the United States cloud environment, "eu" is for the European cloud environment, "il" is for the Israeli cloud environment, and "au" is for the Australian cloud environment.


    Note: If you cannot determine which cloud environment your SysAid account is on, please allow communication from all cloud environments, or contact customer success representative for assistance.

    Now that you have determined which cloud environment your SysAid account is on, open your firewalls to the corresponding SysAid application servers (last updated - May 2021)

    United States (West) Cloud Environment
    United States (East) Cloud Environment
    Primary Data Center54.85.63.33
    Trial Data Center54.86.28.144
    Canadian Cloud Environment
    European Cloud Environment
    Primary Data Center18.203.193.231
    Trial Data Center54.72.88.174
    Australian Cloud Environment

    You only need to give access to your network on certain ports, depending upon the integration you enable. The relevant ports are as follows:

    Unsecured Port
    SSL Port
    IMAP143 TCP993
    POP3110 TCP995
    LDAP*389 TCP636
    SSO (NTLM)139 and 445

    Once these hosts have been given access to your network, you can proceed with the SysAid integrations described below.

    if your firewall has outgoing traffic limits, open port 80.443 to the relevant IP addresses.

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