OneLogin User Repository
    • 27 Jun 2022
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    OneLogin User Repository

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    Article Summary

    SysAid’s OneLogin User Repository integration allows you to more efficiently manage the users in your company from one central location, by automatically pulling user data from OneLogin to SysAid. The integration runs these data imports about every 12 hours; saving time and preventing human error that could occur from manually copying the data.

    Setting up the OneLogin integration for SSO between OneLogin and SysAid is a prerequisite for setting up and using this addon. This is because While this integration provides admins with access to users from OneLogin within SysAid, the users themselves cannot access SysAid unless you also have enabled the SSO addon.

    Set up the OneLogin User Repository integration

    1. From the SysAid Marketplace, get the OneLogin User Repository addon.
    2. Copy data from the OneLogin SSO addon and paste it in the OneLogin User Repository page:
      1. On the main My apps page, in the OneLogin icon, click.
      2. Copy the data from the OneLogin Client ID, OneLogin Client Secret, and OneLogin API Server Location fields and paste them in a text file for later use.
      3. On the main My apps page, in the OneLogin User Repository icon, click .
      4. Enter the data you copied in the relevant fields.
    3. Enter the update interval in hours.
    4. Click the slider to enable the add-on.
    5. Click Save Changes.

    Manage the integration

    Once the integration is complete, you can customize the way it works to best meet your needs.

    1. Define which SysAid fields get populated by which OneLogin fields by selecting the fields from the drop-downs.
      1. Click Add New Field, to map an additional field.
      2. Click , to delete a field mapping.
        For a full list of fields imported from OneLogin, see the table below.
    1. (Optional) Select the Import Groups check box if you would like to import groups from OneLogin to SysAid.
    2. (Optional) If you want to validate a small change in OneLogin, you can click to manually run a sync from OneLogin to SysAid for validation purposes.
      We do not recommend using the manual option for large updates in OneLogin.
    3. Click Save Changes.

    Fields imported

    When you import data from OneLogin, the integration pulls the values from the maps the values from OneLogin fields to SysAid user fields as follows:

    OneLogin Field
    SysAid Field


    User ID







    Manager User ID

    User Custom Int 1



    First Name

    First Name

    Last Name

    Last Name




    User Custom Notes

    Directory ID

    User Custom Int 2

    User Principle Name

    User Name