My Settings
    • 19 Jun 2022
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    My Settings

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    Article summary

    In this page you can set your preferences as an end user in SysAid.

    Following is a list of fields on this page and an explanation of each field. Make sure to click Submit after making any changes. You may not be able to change all fields on this page.

    Fields on the Change Your Settings page

    User Profile Photo

    Select the image to replace it, and drag the image you want into the image dialog. Click Submit.

    First Name and Last Name

    Enter your first name and last name so that administrators will be able to identify you.

    Display Name

    Depending upon the settings your IT administrator has chosen, your IT team might see your display name instead of your username. Enter a display name of your choice. If you have a nickname you use, this is the place to put it in.


    Change your password periodically. If the Enforce password complexity for local users option is checked, SysAid forces users to use passwords that meet certain complexity requirements. For more information, see Account Defaults.

    Confirm Password

    Retype the same password that you entered in the Password field.


    Put in your primary email address here. This is what helpdesk technicians will use to contact you.

    Secondary Email

    This is the email address at which you will receive your new password if you ever use the Reset Password Wizard. Note that your IT team may choose to send you your password by SMS instead, or even allow you to enter your new password while using the wizard.


    This is your desk phone, or any other appropriate number where you can be reached.

    Text Message

    There may be times when your IT team sends you a text message update. In order to receive these text messages, you must enter your mobile phone number in the following format: country code, area code, and individual number. Do not use spaces or punctuation. For example, if your number is (617) 555-1212 in the USA, type 16175551212.

    Chat Nickname

    Insert here the nickname you wish to have in the SysAid chat module. Your IT administrators will see the name you choose here when you chat with them.


    Set your language preferences, and also determine conventions such as keyboard characters that may differ from place to place (for example, the currency symbol).

    Time Zone

    Adjusts the display so that the clock, which belongs to the SysAid server, shows your local time.

    Date Input Style

    Determines whether dates that you input by typing will be interpreted as Month-Day-Year (American), or Day-Month-Year (European). Also determines whether activity times on service records and on tasks will appear in 12 hour (American) or 24 hour (European) clock format.

    First Day of Week

    Determines whether your calendars and date pickers display Sunday or Monday as the first day of the week.

    Receive Automatic SR Email Notifications

    You can choose whether you wish to receive automatic service record notifications from SysAid. Choosing No will disable these notifications. Keep in mind that these notifications update you as progress is made on your service record.

    Custom theme

    If your admin specifies, you can select alternate themes for the colors displayed in the Self-Service Portal.

    Enrolling for Password Self Service

    If your IT administrator has enabled the Password Self Service module, you will be able to reset your own password if you forget it or unlock your account if you are locked out. In order to do this, you must first provide answers to security questions (If you do not see the questions, then Password Self Service is not enabled or your admin enabled the password reset code option).

    Select your security questions and then provide answers

    Select your questions from the list and then answer them in the space provided. Be sure to choose answers you'll remember. Some questions may be mandatory, in which case you must answer them. When you are done, press Submit. You will be prompted to retype your password. Do so and then click Save.

    If you ever need to reset your password or unlock your account in the future, you can use the Password Self Service Wizards, accessible from the main page of the Self-Service Portal.