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    • 06 Sep 2023
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    My Menu

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    Article summary

    My Menu is the menu in the top right corner of SysAid. It shows the logged-in administrator's name and photo if they have uploaded one through My Settings. This menu gives administrators access to useful tools and links from within SysAid. Following is a brief description of each sub-menu and what it offers.

    My Settings
    This page allows you to input your personal details and preferences, such as display name, chat nickname, language, and email signature. Click here for more information.

    This link opens the Online documentation portal directly on the documentation page for the page you are on (in helpdesk)

    Send Message
    This opens up the Send Message window so you can send messages to other administrators or end users.
    Contact SysAid This link brings you to the SysAid Support page where you can contact support through various methods.

    This page shows you your SysAid License information. If you are a SysAid Administrator then you can use this page to update your license information and download log files for SysAid support. Click here for more information.

    Self-Service Portal
    This link brings you to the Self-Service Portal.

    Use this link to log out of SysAid.

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