Import Azure Data
    • 01 May 2024
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    Import Azure Data

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    You can customize the Azure Integration once its setup is complete — to best meet your integration needs.

    Import Field Data

    To define which SysAid Fields are populated according to the corresponding Azure fields — follow these steps:

    1. Select the fields from the dropdowns

    2. Click Add New Field, to map an additional field

    3. Click  azureSettingsfilesDelete.png to delete a field mapping

    Fields for Import

    Azure Field

    SysAid Field


    User ID



    Display Name

    User Name

    Given Name

    First Name



    Mobile Phone

    Mobile Phone

    Office Location


    Preferred Language


    Company Name


    Job Title

    Job Title

    Postal Code

    Custom Field

    Employee ID

    Custom Field


    Custom Field


    Custom Field

    User Type

    Custom Field

    Import Capabilities (Optional)

    • Select the Import Groups check box if you would like to import groups from Azure to SysAid.

    • Select the Sync user based on email address check box if you want to use the Azure Email Address field as the User Principle Name instead of the Azure user name.

    • To add a tenant click Add.

    • To delete a tenant, click the Delete button corresponding to the tenant you want to delete

    • Click Save Changes

    Import Manually

    If you want to manually import all the users from Azure according to the settings and filters that you configured, click Import Now (this may take a while).

    If the Import Now button is disabled, you can hover over the button for a tooltip that explains why the button is disabled.

    Filter Imports

    The Azure integration allows for multiple options for filtering the import from Azure to SysAid.

    Click the three dots (optional) if you want to filter which:

    • Users are imported (based on Fields such as Department or Group Name)

    • Groups are imported from Azure, click 

    Default Import Setting

    By default, SysAid imports users who are defined as active in Azure 

    To import all users, clear the “Active users only” checkbox

    When you import data from Azure, the Integration pulls and maps the values from Azure Fields to SysAid User Fields, as shown in the table above.

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