Edit Reports
    • 06 Jun 2022
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    Edit Reports

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    When you activate Edit mode on the All Reports tab, you can edit properties of reports or the categories they are are organized in. You can use the Search field to filter the reports displayed in the tab and you can use the Views icons (MnAnalyzerfilesViews2.jpg) to change the format in which the reports are displayed.

    For general information on reports in SysAid, see Reports.
    To organize reports on the page, see Organize Reports
    To customize and/or run existing reports see Customize and Run a Report.
    To create new reports, see Design Reports.


    Activate Edit Mode

    To activate edit mode, click EditReportsfilesEditModeButton.jpg. You can now make the desired changes detailed below. To exit edit mode, click EditReportsfilesEditModeON.jpg.


    Only admins with the Manage Reports permission can access Edit mode.

    Edit a report

    You can modify a report's name, and its properties.

    Rename a report

    To edit a report's name

    1. Click EditReportsfilesEditModeButton1.jpg to activate Edit mode.
    2. Click within the report name you want to edit. The name becomes a text box.
    3. Perform your edit.
    4. Click outside of the text box to complete the change.

    Edit report properties

    To edit a report's properties

    1. Click EditReportsfilesEditModeButton2.jpg
      to activate Edit mode.
    2. In the report you want to edit, click EditReportsfilesWrench.jpg.
    3. Edit the desired properties (see Design Reports).
    4. Click Done.

    Delete a report

    To delete a report

    1. Click EditReportsfilesEditModeButton3.jpg
      to activate Edit mode.
    2. In the report you want to delete, click EditReportsfilesWrench1.jpg.
    3. Click Delete.
    4. When prompted, click Delete.