Agent Deployment Plan Form
    • 07 Jun 2022
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    Agent Deployment Plan Form

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    Article summary

    The Agent Deployment Plan form contains all of the information required to deploy or undeploy the agents on a set of assets.

    To access other deployment plan records or to delete deployment plans, see the Agent Deployment Plan List.

    Agent Deployment Plan fields

    NameThe name you select for this agent deployment plan.
    RDSSelect the RDS you want this plan to use to deploy or undeploy the agents on the relevant assets.
    CommandSelect if you want this plan to deploy or undeploy agents on the assets that meet the defined criteria.
    Agent SettingsSelect an Agent Setting configuration to apply to all agents deployed with this plan. To view all of the existing Setting configurations or create a new configuration, see the Agent Settings list.
    Deploy ToSelect if you want this plan to deploy agents to a specific domain (for Windows assets only) or a predefined IP range.

    If you deploy to an IP range, note that the agent is deployed to the IP addresses in both the Start IP and End IP fields.
    CredentialsSelect the credentials to apply to the RDS you select for this deployment plan. To view all of the existing sets of credentials or create a new set of credentials, see the Credentials list.

    You cannot create a deployment plan until you have defined a credentials set.

    DomainIf you selected to deploy/undeploy to a specific domain, select the domain.
    Start IP If you selected to deploy to a defined IP range, enter the starting IP address.
    End IPEnter the ending IP address.
    Exclude Hosts/IPsEnter hosts or IPs you want to exclude from the selected domain/defined IP range. Use commas to separate multiple entries.
    ScheduleSelect the check box if you'd like this deployment plan to run on a defined schedule.
    Next Run

    If you selected the Schedule check box, select the first date to automatically run the deployment plan.

    Repeat Every

    Select the interval on which the plan runs.


    Select the check box for a quick deployment. When selected for this plan, SysAid runs the plan on the online computers within the defined IP range or domain only.

    A quick scan is faster, but may miss any computers that come online after the list of online computers is prepared.

    When you complete the form, select Apply or OK.

    To manually run this deployment plan, click Run Now.