Ticket View
    • 26 Oct 2022
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    Ticket View

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    Article summary

    This page shows you the details of a service record you have previously submitted. Based on the way SysAid has been configured, you may add notes, add attachments, and even close and/or reopen the service record. 

    If the SR's Solution field is populated, the Solution appears at the top of the service record. 

    Add a note or attachment

    To add an attachment, select the Attachments tab and click Select Attachments or drag and drop the file into the Attachments area. 

    To add a note, click Add note. Enter your note in the light box, and click Submit note.

    Screen Capture

    If you opened the SR using the SysAid Hotkey, SysAid automatically takes a capture of your screen. If your admin included the Screen Capture in the Ticket Info section, a thumbnail of the screen shot is displayed in the SR. 

    You can click the thumbnail to view a preview of the image. If you want to download the image, click Download in the preview window.

    Close/Reopen an SR

    To close a service record, check Close ticket. When prompted, click OK.

    To reopen a closed service record, click Reopen ticket. Enter the reason for reopening the SR the light box, and click Submit note.