Set up Google User Repository Integration in Google Workplace
    • 06 Jun 2024
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    Set up Google User Repository Integration in Google Workplace

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    Article summary

    Follow these steps to set up the Google User Repository Integration in your organization’s Google Workplace

    Step 1

    Create a Google Project

    To create a Google Project:

    1. Click New Project

    2. Choose a Project Name

    3. Set the domain and location

    Step 2

    Set up credentials

    To set up your Project’s Credentials:

    1. Go to API & Services > Credentials (tab)

    2. Click Configure Consent Screen.

    3. Select Internal for User Type

    4. Click Create

    5. Enter the app name (name of application), user support email for users to contact with questions, and developer contact information

    6. Click Save and continue

    7. Click Add or remove scopes

    Step 3

    Add scopes

    To add scopes manually:

    1. In the Manually add scopes field, add:

    1. Click Update

    2. Click Save and continue

    Step 4

    Create Credentials

    To create credentials:

    1. Click on the Credentials tab in the sidebar menu

    2. Click Create Credential

    3. Select Service account

    Step 5

    Create Service Account

    To create the Service Account:

    1. Fill in the Service Account name

    2. Click Create and continue

    3. Leave Grant this service account access to project empty

    4. Leave Grant users access to this service account empty

    5. Click Done

    Step 6

    Add Service Account Key

    To add the Service Account Key:

    1. Go back to the Credentials tab in the sidebar menu

    2. Click the Key tab

    3. Click Add Key

    4. Select Create new key

    5. Select .JSON

    6. Click Create

    7. Save the .JSON file in your local drive, so that you can upload it to SysAid later on

    Step 7

    Enable the API and Services

    To enable the API and Services

    1. Click Enable APIs and Services

    2. Enable Admin SDK API

    3. Open the JSON file

    4. Copy the “client_email” value (to be used in Step 10)

    Step 8

    Assign Admin Roles

    To assign Admin Roles:

    1. Go to

    2. Expand the Account dropdown item in the sidebar menu

    3. Select Admin roles

    4. Select Services Admin

    5. Click Admin

    Step 9

    Assign User Management Role

    Select User Management Admin

    Step 10

    Assign Service Accounts

    1. Enter “client_email” value that you copied in Step 7

    (Add the “client_email” value for the Groups Admin rule)

    1. Click Close