Google User Repository Integration
    • 13 Jun 2024
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    Google User Repository Integration

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    Article summary

    Sync your Google Workspace Users and Groups into SysAid, and map their user information Fields with corresponding SysAid Fields


    • Google

      • Google Workspace Administrator

    • SysAid

      • SysAid 24.2.20 and above

      • SysAdmin permission

      • Google User Repository Integration installed and activated in SysAid

    SysAid SysAdmins and Admins with Google Workspace accounts use the Google User Repository Integration to import and sync their organization’s Users and Groups from Google Workspace – thereby having all the information you necessary to best deliver support via SysAid Service Desk.

    This document provides the steps needed for SysAdmins to activate and configure the Google User Repository Integration, so that their organization can begin using it in SysAid, including how to:

    1. Get Google User Repository Integration

    2. Activate Integration

    3. Add Google Repository

    4. Test Integration Connection

    5. Import Users & Groups

    6. Confirmation of Import

    Google Workspace API

    To learn the steps required to enable the API in Google Workspace, read this guide

    How synchronization works

    The Google User Repository Integration sync every 24 hours.

    This sync involves the following:

    • Importing all Users from Google User Repository to SysAid

    • Importing all Groups from Google User Repository to SysAid

    • Mapping Users with Groups

    • Disabling deleted Google users

    Step 1

    Get Google User Repository Integration

    The Google User Repository App is available on the SysAid Marketplace.

    To reach the Marketplace, go to the Admin Portal > Settings > Integration > Marketplace.

    Click the Google User Repository App (under Available Addons)'s cogwheel icon, which will open the Integration’s page.

    Step 2

    Activate Integration

    Turn on the Activate integration toggle.

    This will enable the syncing process between your Google User Repository and SysAid.

    Step 3

    Add Google User Repository

    Configuring (and activating) your Google Repository will allow to sync your Users and Groups information between Google and SysAid.

    Adding your Google Repository requires uploading your Google Repository credentials .JSON file.

    To do this, enter:




    Repository Name

    None (name created by Admin)



    Domain Name

    Domain corresponding to the Google domain that the user repository belongs to


    Once you’ve added Repository Name and Domain Name, click Add to choose select your Google Credentials .JSON file.

    Upload Google credentials .JSON file

    This popup form will appear after clicking Add.

    Upload the JSON file from your File Manager.

    If the file (and credentials) are valid, it will appear in the Repository list, as shown below:

    Step 4

    Test Integration Connection

    After successfully adding the repository, you can test the connection between Google User Repository and SysAid, by clicking Test Connection (shown above).

    Once the connection is successful, you should see the following success message:

    Step 5

    Import User Fields

    Map User Fields

    The Google User Repository import process provides the option to adjust which SysAid Fields correspond to the fields used in your Google Workspace account.

    To choose or change which SysAid Field a Google field is mapped with, select the field you want to change from the relevant row.


    To map the field value of the Department field you’re importing from Google Workspace into your Floor field in SysAid, you can choose this in the corresponding dropdown field

    Add Filters (optional)

    You can modify which data is imported from your Google User Repository, using the following filters:


    Filter Method


    Import Groups

    Single select checkbox

    Integration will include Groups

    Filter Group Import

    Admin creates Advanced Filter (SysAid functionality)

    Advanced Filters (with option for multiple AND/OR statements) determine which Fields to import from Groups

    Filter User Import

    Admin creates Advanced Filter (SysAid functionality)

    Advanced Filters (with option for multiple AND/OR statements) determine which Fields to import from Users

    Import Active Users only

    Single select checkbox

    Integration will include only Active Users

    Filter out users without First Name and Last Name

    Single select checkbox

    User records without First Name and Last Name Fields won’t be included in Import

    Once you’ve added any desired filters, click Save Changes.

    You can then click Import now.

    Confirmation of Import

    After reloading the page, the import is considered complete once the Import button is active and the Last run field displays time of the last run.

    Where to see imported Users

    After finishing the import, imported Users and Groups can can be found in Admin Portal > Tools > User Management > End Users/Groups.

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