• 24 Jul 2022
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    Article Summary

    SysAid offers a visual alert system for service records meeting certain predetermined conditions.


    Check the box at the top of the page to enable the alert system.

    For each of the four colored alerts, you can choose which combination of status, priority and escalated/not escalated will trigger that alert. An alert is triggered if a service record matches at least one item from each column. Therefore, checking all boxes in all three columns means that an alert will apply to all service records, and unchecking all boxes in at least one column means that that alert will never be triggered.

    If more than one alert applies to a service record, the highest of the applicable alerts shows. If no alert applies, the alert column is blank. The highest alert is the broken red circle and the lowest alert is the green circle.

    The alerts appear as icons in the Service Desk list. You may need to customize the list for the alert column to show.

    Colored alerts on the Service Desk

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