Edit/New Survey Question
    • 07 Jun 2022
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    Edit/New Survey Question

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    Article Summary

    This page allows you to edit a survey question.


    Editing a survey question


    When you are using a customized icon-based survey, and you update the survey answers or change the number of answers, make sure that you remove the current survey and re-insert it, so the updated content is reflected in the notification.

    1. Type your survey question into the Question box.
    2. To add an answer, type the answer into the Caption field and click Add.
    3. To modify a survey answer, modify the caption field for an existing answer and click OK/Apply.
    4. To delete a survey answer, check the Delete box at the right end of the row and click OK/Apply.
    5. Check the Enabled box if you would like this question to appear on your survey (Full Edition only).
    6. Check the Display Comment box if you would like to add a text box after this question so that the end user can add free text to their answer.

    Click OK/ Apply when you are done making changes to the survey question.