March 17, 2024
    • 18 Apr 2024
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    March 17, 2024

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    These new features include exciting improvements to BI Analytics in Service Desk.

    Enjoy new BI Analytics improvements

    Enjoy a new look and feel and more robust capabilities when using BI Analytics to analyze your Service Desk performance, provided as part of Qlik Cloud AWS Services.

    In addition, the ITSM performance Dashboard is now integrated as part of the BI sheets.

    *The new BI Analytics platform will become available to your account over the next two weeks.

    Opening BI Analytics

    Once you click “BI Analytics”, the Qlik-hosted BI Analytics Dashboard will open in a new tab.

    • Your browser needs to enable popups in order for the BI Analytics to open

    • Third party cookies may need to be allowed in order to open BI Analytics

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