Language Settings
    • 28 May 2024
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    Language Settings

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    Use Language Settings to enable Languages for your organization and set a default Language — that users can change as they see fit


    • SysAdmin or Admin permissions

    • Spaces Service Desk activated and enabled

    Open Language Settings

    Enable Languages

    Admins can enable multiple languages in their organization’s SysAid account so that:

    • Admins can change their personal Service Desk to their desired language

    • End Users can change their Self-Service Portal to their desired language

    To enable or disable languages in SysAid:

    1. Select the three dots icon under the Available Languages field

    2. Select the desired language(s) from the multi-select list of language options

    3. Click Submit

    Set Account Default Language

    To set up the Account’s Default Language, select the Language dropdown menu and choose your desired language.

    This will apply to all Admins in your organization, unless they change the Language manually (for their individual Service Desk only)

    Changing the Account Default Language

    When an Admin changes the account’s default language, this change only applies to new users created in SysAid, and not to existing users

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