Due Dates
    • 05 Sep 2023
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    Due Dates

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    Article Summary

    Due date rules automatically assign due dates to your service records. Any service record that matches all of the requirements in one of your due date rules automatically receives the due date you specify.

    Calculation of due dates

    The calculation of due dates is based on the operating times of the specific agreement or company of the request user. If, for example, an SR is submitted with a due period of 6 hours, but there are only 3 hours of operating time left in the day, then the due date will be 3 hours after the start of the next operating day.

    Due dates can be defined between 15 minutes (the recommended minimum, to avoid conflicts with other scheduled processes) and up until 8760 hours (representing a year).  

    Calculate due dates only on new incidents: If this box is checked, due date rules are only applied at the creation of new service records. If this box is unchecked, due date rules are applied any time a service record is changed so that it matches one of your due date rules. Make sure to click Save after selecting or clearing this box.

    For general instructions for using list pages in SysAid, see Using SysAid Lists.

    To add new due dates

    • Click New (top right) and enter the information in the Due Dates form.

    To edit an existing due date

    • Click the desired row to enter the Due Dates form and edit the Due Date as needed

    To delete due dates

    • Select the check boxes corresponding to the due dates you want to delete, and click Delete.

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