Advanced Configurations
    • 08 Jul 2024
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    Advanced Configurations

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    Article summary

    Define a prioritization hierarchy for how the AI Chatbot considers the relevance of each Dataset source in the Data Pool.


    • SysAid Copilot license

    • SysAid Copilot and AI Chatbot enabled

    AI Admins can use Dataset Configuration Settings (“Advanced configurations”) to adjust how the AI Chatbot prioritizes and selects Dataset sources when generating responses to user queries.

    These Advanced Configurations include:

    Source Relevance Scope (Relevance Threshold)

    A numeric value (ranging from 0 to 1) that determines the scope of relevance for the data sources that the AI Chatbot should consider when responding to user queries.

    The lower the value (closer to 0), the more relevant the data source is to the user query; a higher value (closer to 1) indicates less relevance.

    Guaranteed Source Count (Secured Spots for Dataset)

    This is a number that tells the AI Chatbot how many (a defined count of) prioritized data sources (within the Source Relevance Scope) it should always consider when responding to each user query.

    Configure Dataset Prioritization

    To set a Dataset’s Guaranteed Source Count, adjust this value in the numeric Fields.

    These fields can be found in either:

    Dataset Configuration Form

    To open this form, follow these steps:

    1. Click the three dots on the Dataset form

    2. Click Edit

    3. Adjust the fields

    4. Click Save

    Dataset Header

    To adjust these values in the Dataset Header:

    1. Click the Advanced configuration link

    2. Edit the values (inline) of the two fields that appear

    AI Admins can edit and adjust these Settings at any point in time, as they see fit.