Data Pool
    • 02 Jul 2024
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    Data Pool

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    Article summary

    Customize the Copilot’s Language Models (LLMs) for End Users' specific needs.


    • SysAdmin or AI Admin permissions

    • SysAid Copilot license

    The Data Pool is the information source for the organization's AI Chatbot. 

    SysAdmins use Data Pool data to customize the Copilot’s Language Models (LLMs) for End Users' specific needs.

    The Data Pool consists of Datasets; containers that SysAdmins add and configure to improve SysAid Copilot’s knowledge and personalize responses to user queries.

    The Data Pool contains six types of Datasets:

    1. Service Record Data

    2. Q&A Sets

    3. Knowledge Base Articles

    4. Documents 

    5. URL

    6. SharePoint Connector

    Data Pool Page Structure

    SysAdmins can manage Datasets and their sources on the Data Pool Page.

    To access and manage the Data Pool, go to Self-Service Portal > AI Chatbot > Settings > Data Pool.

    The Data Pool Page consists of two main sections:

    Dataset Side Panel

    The Side Panel groups the account’s list of Datasets with indication of their type, as well as a button to create (and configure) a new Dataset.

    Out-of-the-box Datasets

    The Data Pool’s six out-of-the-box Datasets are:

    Out-of-the-box Dataset

    Dataset Type

    Incident History

    Service Record Data

    SSP Knowledge Base Articles

    Knowledge Base Articles (published to the Self-Service-Portal)

    Verified Answers

    Q&A Sets (submitted as “Verified” in the “Monitor & Fine-tune” area)


    Documents uploaded by the SysAdmin


    URL (public URLs) 

    SharePoint Connector

    Imported SharePoint Sites

    Table of Sources

    The Table of Sources displays all items added to the selected Dataset. Each item can be edited or deleted from the table through the ‘three dots’ action menu.

    The Table displays the Datasets with two sortable Columns: Status and Last Updated. 

    The Table Header contains the following metadata:

    Chip or Label


    Dataset Type

    Type of Dataset (e.g. Knowledge Base or Documents)

    Dataset Count

    Appears automatically when the Dataset is out-of-the-box


    Whether or not Dataset is OOTB


    Whether or not the data is sanitized


    Who can view the Dataset

    Last Synced

    Date and time of most recent Dataset sync with Sources


    • All out-of-the-box Datasets are automatically marked “Default” and “Sanitized”, but can be edited

    • URL Source Items update automatically 1x per week

    • Datasets can be enabled or disabled by selecting the ‘three dot’ action menu in the table and clicking “Enable”/Disable”