• 06 Sep 2023
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    Article Summary

    The CMDB Settings menu contains the following items:

    CI Types
    View a list of all your CI Types. You can also create new CI Types and modify existing types.

    CI Sub Types
    Each CI type in SysAid can have it's own sub types for classifying CIs that fall into general categories. Here you can view, create, and modify your CI Subtypes.

    CI Relation Types
    View a list of your CI Relation Types. You can also add new CI Relation Type and modify existing types.

    CI Templates
    View and edit your CI Templates. CI Templates are used to create multiple CI's of the same type.

    Import System Items
    Import all of your assets, your software products, and your catalog items into the CMDB.

    Import CIs from a Comma Delimited File
    Easily import a list of CIs from a .csv file. You can also update existing CIs by reimporting them with updated information.

    Import Settings
    Choose which actions SysAid will automatically perform during the importing of CIs.

    Import Assets to CI Settings
    Set which CI fields are automatically populated (at CI creation) with their corresponding asset fields.

    What's Next