Vendor Form
    • 07 Jun 2022
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    Vendor Form

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    Article summary

    The Vendor form contains all of the information required to automatically identify an asset's vendor. This allows you to view assets by their manufacturer in asset reports.

    To access other vendor records, see the Vendors List.

    Vendor fields

    Asset ID PrefixThe prefix you want for this vendor's asset IDs.
    Vendor nameThe name of the vendor.
    Vendor codesCodes you want the system to search new assets for to associate it with this vendor (separated by line breaks/one per line). These can prevent asset discovery scans from creating duplicate asset records for manually entered assets.

    You can find the vendor code in the device's System Manufacturer field in its System Info.
    DescriptionAny description you want to add for this vendor record.
    Created DateThe date this vendor record was created.
    Modified ByThe admin who last modified this vendor record.
    Modified DateThe date this vendor record was last modified.


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