CI Type List
    • 28 Jun 2022
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    CI Type List

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    Article summary

    This page shows you a list of all of your CI types. You can also create new CI types and modify existing types.


    Any item that you record in your CMDB is called a CI, and each CI is classified by type. The first eight CI types that appear in the list come with SysAid, and you can add as many more as you need.

    For general instructions for using list pages in SysAid, please go here.

    Creating and modifying CI types

    Click HelpDeskfilesNewButton32.jpgto create a new CI type. Click on the row of an existing CI type to edit it. For more information about creating and editing CI types, please go here.

    List Actions

    There are a number of actions you can perform on your lists using the actions list. To open the actions list, select one or more list entries using the checkboxes at the left end of each row. This opens the actions list:


    Delete Delete the selected CI types. Please note that predefined CI types can't be edited or deleted.

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