Category Suggest
    • 11 Apr 2024
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    Category Suggest

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    Use AI Intelligent Categorization to guarantee that your Service Records are categorized accuratelyAI Intelligent Categorization suggests the most relevant Category (or multi-level Categories) for a Service Record, based on its Title and Description.

    Receiving suggestions for a Service Record’s most relevant Category set eliminates the Admin’s need to manually classify each Service Record, whether from inside the Queue or the Service Record page.

    The “Enable AI” checkbox is only clickable for SysAid accounts with a valid license. 

    If the checkbox is unchecked, SysAid Copilot features won’t be accessible, including AI Intelligent Categorization

    AI Intelligent Categorization can be used for Service Records that either lack a Category or where the AI Intelligent Categorization has identified a more relevant Category.

    You can access AI Intelligent Categorization from the: 

    • Queue: available Category sets are indicated by an 'AI star' on the Service Record Main Category chips
    • Service Record page: AI Intelligent Category chips in the Service Record page Header

    To apply the suggested Categories, click on any of the Category chips. This will trigger the Category popup that contains the suggested Category.

    To automatically populate the Category Set with the suggested Category, click any of the AI Intelligent Category chips.

    Optimize Category Metadata

    Facilitate deeper insights that AI Intelligent Categorization can generate from your Categories' metadata

    Adding to an account Category's metadata allows AI Intelligent Categorization to unlock deeper insights to contribute to its knowledge source.

    You can do this by populating the Description field (in the Service Desk's General Settings) with content that describes or elaborates on the Category. This field content will then be used by AI Intelligent Categorization as metadata, in addition to the Category Set.

    To add content to the Category's Description field, go to Settings > Customization > Categories > Manage Categories.

    AI Intelligent Categorization is re-evaluated every 10 minutes if a Service Record Title or Description is modified.

    Categories suggested by AI Intelligent Categorization must be available for the Company the Service Record is associated with, if applicable