Activate Spaces
    • 29 May 2024
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    Activate Spaces

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    Article summary

    Configure Spaces so that Admins in your organization can start using Spaces, and its new look and feel and more robust functionalities


    • SysAdmin role

    • Spaces Service Desk license

    Spaces Hybrid Mode

    Spaces Hybrid Mode provides the option to switch from Spaces to Classic (and back), based on the Admins' needs and use case.

    Spaces Hybrid Mode is available in three use cases:

    • Opening a Classic Queue overlay over the Spaces Queue

    • Opening a Classic Ticket View overlay over a Spaces Ticket

    • Switching the Service Desk from Spaces to Classic, or vice versa

    This document guides SysAdmins through the process of enabling Spaces in SysAid, in order to:

    Activate Spaces

    SysAdmins can activate Spaces in their organization by turning on the Active toggle on the Activate Spaces page.

    To activate Spaces, do the following:

    1. Go to Settings > Activate Spaces

    2. Turn on the Active toggle (under SysAid Admin)

    3. Click Save and take me to Spaces

    The Save button provides the option to Save the Activation, yet remain in the Classic UI.

    Enable Switching

    Admin access to the Spaces UI requires the SysAdmin to enable Spaces Hybrid Mode (switching between Spaces and Classic).

    Enabling Spaces Hybrid Mode grants all Admins the capability to switch from Spaces UI to Classic, at their prerogative.

    To enable Spaces Hybrid Mode for all Admins:

    1. Select the relevant toggle (Enable switching/Disable switching)

    2. Click Save and take me to Spaces

    Set as the Default UI

    SysAdmins can choose to set Spaces (or Classic) as the Default UI for all Admins.

    The Default UI Setting doesn’t impact whether or not Admins can switch between Spaces UI and Classic.

    To define the Default UI for all Admins:

    1. Select the relevant button for each option (Default UI dropdown, “Set All Admins to Spaces” button)

    2. Click Save

    Switch to Spaces from the Admin Portal

    Once Spaces is enabled, SysAdmins & Admins can switch to Spaces directly from the Admin Portal by clicking the blue “Click here to Switch to Spaces” link