Template Designer
    • 11 Apr 2024
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    Template Designer

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    Article summary

    An intuitive drag and drop interface with customization capabilities and features that simplify Service Record creation and save precious time for both Admins and end users alike.

    Sections, Fields, and submission requirements can be added to any Template, with customizable layout to suit defined needs and goals.


    Admins with the “Create/Modify Incident Template” Permission

    Inside the Template Designer

    The Template Designer includes the following panels: 

    Available Fields Panel

    The Available Fields panel lists the System OOTB Fields that users can add to a Template’s Service Record Form.

    Field Types can be searched by name in the Available Fields panel and are indicated by unique icons:

    Field Type


    Text Area

    Text Field



    Date and Time

    Single Select

    Multi Select


    The Available Fields panel displays both: 

    • Fields that currently exist the Template’s Form (indicated by a checkbox in the panel) 

    • Fields that can be added but don’t currently exist in the Form

    Form Designer

    The Form Designer panel is where you can: 

    • Add, modify, or delete Sections

    • Add, modify, or delete Fields

    Form Header

    The Form Header includes five Fields:

    • Title

    • Priority (Required)

    • Category 

    • Assignee 

    • Status (Required)

    Field Properties Panel

    The Field Properties panel is where you can configure properties that are specific to each Form Field; the panel appears when you click on a Field or Section.

    You can also enhance each Field by adding a “Hint” to it, to make sure every detail and objective of your Template content is clear to the end user.