Manage Templates
    • 16 Apr 2024
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    Manage Templates

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    Admins with the necessary permissions can create, manage, and use Templates that standardize their organization’s Service Record submission process, enabling faster and more efficient resolution results. 

    This document explains how to use the Template Designer to design Templates for recurring use in SysAid, providing an overview and guide for how to:

    Create a Template

    To create a new Template, go to the Template List (under Settings > Templates & Fields > Ticket Templates) and click the “New Template” button.

    This will begin the Template creation process in the Template Designer, whose steps are mapped out in the text below.

    Choose a Template Type

    Before opening the Template Designer, you must choose which type of Service Record your Template will accommodate:

    • Incident

    • Request

    • Problem

    • Change

    Configure the Template Header

    You can configure the following Template properties through the Template Header:

    • Template Name

    • Self-Service Portal Visibility

    Configure the Service Record Header

    You can configure the following Template properties through the Service Record Header, which contains five fields that all Templates must include:

    • Priority

    • Category Set (Category, Subcategory, Third Level Category)

    • Assignee and/or Assignee Groups

    Edit a Template

    Admins with Edit permissions can create and edit existing Templates and save their changes. 

    If you edit a Template, the changes are

    • Not applied to the OOTB Template it was created from

    • Applied to Service Records using the Template (new and existing)

    • Documented in the System Log

    Template Changes

    All changes made to a Template are applied to every Service Record using it

    Delete a Template

    Delete or Duplicate a Template (and save as a new Template)

    Admins with Delete permissions can delete existing Templates from two locations:

    • Template List 

    • Template Designer

    Deleted Templates are:

    • Not deleted from the database

    • Flagged in the database as a deleted Template

    • Documented as an action in the System Log

    Duplicate a Template 

    Admins with Edit permissions can duplicate (and save) existing Templates from two locations:

    • Template List

    • Template Designer

    To duplicate or delete a Template, click on the three dots in the Template Designer header and select the relevant action.

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